Thursday, July 12, 2012

Funeral Potatoes by Joni Hilton

I have read books by this author in the past and have really enjoyed them.  I can't really remember much about them though, so I have no idea if they are the same as this one as far as plots go.

This book has a lot of amusing anecdotes especially if you are LDS and understand the language that normal mormons use.  Unfortunately I couldn't quite find the plot.  It seemed like a bunch of stories put together in one.  I wasn't super impressed with the book and almost thought I wasted my time with this particular book.  I don't feel like all the characters were developed as much as they could have been and the plot really struggled.  It did make me laugh quite a bit though so that was a redeeming quality.

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  1. Isn't she the one that wrote As the Ward Turns? (there are like 3 or 4 in that series, Mom has them) I read those ones when I was in high school but then read them again as an adult and they were pretty funny. :) I think you'd like those if you read them again.